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Surviving the economic downturn – are you recruiting the right people?

by admin on October 4, 2011

We live in times where money is tight and the marketplace is full of people offering you their services, eager for a placement within your company.   At the same time, the purchasers of your products and/or services are very careful with their budgets.

This means that you have to be certain that you have employed the right people to increase your potential for business success. Finding the right people and paying them a salary that recognises their skill and expertise can be very expensive – but not nearly as expensive as ‘getting it wrong’.

Whether you are a large or a small business, reputation, profitability and proven professionalism is now a key factor in not just surviving, but growing and developing your business, no matter whether it be providing a professional service, commercial service or manufacturing anything from tintacks to spaceships.

The only way to make any business, large or small, work well for you, is to ensure you have the right mix of people and temperaments within your workforce.  Indeed, companies that have a good team atmosphere, where the effort and ability of everyone is recognised and appreciated – from the lowly Gatekeeper to the Chief  Executive Officer – are those that tend to succeed.

So how do you get the mix right?

The selection and recruitment process is one that is fraught with difficulties.   The first challenge is how to draw up the job-specification and benchmarks for every skill that is required.  It is not necessarily the person with the impressive CV and the longest number of letters behind their name who is the right person for the job.  The most important characteristics to look for are a mix of personal awareness, curiosity and the willingness to listen and learn.

Personal & professional awareness

What is this awareness?  Most of us are very aware of our faults and our capabilities  – where our outer display of confidence hides feelings of self-doubt, self-worth, and angst against ourselves and the world in general.  This could be disastrous in a senior position – for they would be seeking always to bring to the fore the weaknesses, rather than the strengths of their colleagues and associates.  That is OK for the toughened and world-hardened professional but not for the less experienced and perhaps younger and more susceptible members of a team.  For the nervous or shy person to shine and grow in confidence, their knowledge and ability needs to be acknowledged and their responsibility for making decisions and communicating them to their peers, encouraged.  We should not make snap judgements but quietly delve into the character and seek advice and recommendations from independent and objective sources.

Where do I find these resources?

There are a number of different ways in which to find the right people to recruit, who will enhance not only your profitability but also enhance your image and your products, together with ensuring that the atmosphere within the organisation is one of commitment and harmony.

First there is the Headhunter, also known as the Professional Recruiting Agency.    Expensive, time-consuming and not working solely in your organisation’s best interest

Secondly, you have the opportunity to research the people working for the opposition, their reputations and their capabilities – and poach them.

Thirdly, the management consultancy firm – who may be very good at assisting in restructuring the way you run the organisation, but not necessarily very good at building a team of compatible as well experienced people.   They will look at the academic qualifications and the CV – but spend little time meeting the person and getting to know what makes them tick.

Fourth and by no means least – advertising in the local paper and/or word of mouth.     Cheap and cheerful but at least it gives you a pool of very diverse people with varying degrees of experience and knowledge into which you cast your net.

What next?

Whatever form of recruitment you opt for, there is always the option to get a much deeper insight into the shortlisted choices.  The CV and how the candidate comes across at interview can mask either positive or negative traits that lie beneath the surface.  This is when you have the option to buy in the expertise of a Personality Profiler or Graphologist.

Graphocentric provides a first class services, which gives you a comprehensive guide and understanding of the personalities and capabilities of the people you wish to employ.  We have proven our expertise and experience over 25 years – and are recognised as the oldest and leading company in our field.  We have many clients who return on a regular basis – and whose organisations are at the cutting edge of their profession or industry.

Margaret White, who started Graphocentric  in 1985, has experience and knowledge that spans many professions and organizations.  She is easy to approach, and can quickly absorb both the requirements and the ambience of a client’s company.

Direct line :  01304 617872

Mobile :   07778 837169

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