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Graphology Training & Presentations

Handwriting analysis trainingGraphology Training

I teach graphology to Membership Level of the British Institute of Graphologist (BIG) of which I am a Founding Member. A pupil of the Founder of BIG I am on the Board of the Examiners of the Institute assisting in the setting and marking of the papers of candidates preparing for Membership.  See more details.

Graphology Presentations

Since 1986 I have arranged and presented graphology to numerous organisations within the City of London and countrywide. A series of approximately five seminars were held at the Institute of Directors with two colleagues over a period of two years. I have also made presentations at the Athenaeum Club, Lawyers Training and Development Courses, Calcot Manor to representatives of major organisations throughout the UK, Chambers of Commerce, BNI, and various Professional Business Clubs and Organisations. More light-hearted talks and demonstrations have been given to Luncheon Clubs, After Dinner Entertainment, Commercial Promotions and Private Functions.  See more details.