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Recruitment Candidate Profiling

There are different levels of handwriting analysis required depending on the level of recruitment under consideration.  For this reason there are differing fee scales.

The process of analysing the handwriting of the candidate does have some features in common, regardless of level of the position.  The processes are as follows …

Job Brief

A full understanding of the job role and capabilities required of the successful candidate is vitally important in order to gain the best benefits from handwriting analysis.  Regardless of the seniority of the job role, Graphocentric will require as much information about the job as possible.  In addition, background information on the employing organisation, including the ethos and positioning within the marketplace, are important details that would be required.

Handwriting Sample

Graphocentric will require an original sample of the candidates handwriting on A4 unruled paper, using a biro type pen or fountain pen, together with their signature.  The subject matter of the text should not be copied from a book or newspaper as this distorts the rhythm (flow) of the handwriting.


Graphocentric will then compile a full and detailed Personality Profile and assessment of the integrity and working capabilities of the candidate.  This would be matched to the job specification and the candidates ability to understand and work within the organisation, so enabling further company success.  In short, if the handwriting of the candidate indicates that they would not be a good match for the role and the company then this would be fully clarified within the analysis, as would reasons that they would be ideal for the job.


As you would expect, job roles that are of higher importance to the organisation will require more extensive analysis than those that are not.   The fees for recruitment candidate handwriting analysis are as follows:

Executive Recruitment – from £850 to £1,250

Middle Management Recruitment – £575

General Recruitment – £450

We have many examples of recruitment candidate profiling that we’ve done and would welcome you to make contact to discuss without obligation how our analysis has helped organisations make the best recruitment decisions.