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Professional Partnerships

The Challenge

Professional Partnerships are, perhaps, the most difficult to enter into for several reasons.  The relationships between the partners must always remain, first and foremost, ‘professional’.  Over time, familiarity and knowledge of the partners working practices and relationships outside the working environment tend to merge, leading to all sorts of tensions and misunderstandings.  Therefore, it is important to recognise the need for objectivity and coolness of temperament in at least one of the partners.

Often, when looking for a business partner, people look for someone who has very similar qualities and temperament as themselves.  This is a mistake – competitiveness will arise and cause dissent; there will be no ‘second’ opinion when discussing a difficult proposition or venture, and no calming influence or words of reason when  a tide of enthusiasm and ambition sweeps through the office.

Therefore it is important that the personal and professional qualities of each partner be assessed and understood, and that there is, at least, an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses in one partner or the other.  In a Professional Partnership it is important that the respective partners complement each other.  The handwriting of each Partner will be carefully examined and a Personality Profile prepared.  The dominant characteristics of each partner will then be set down – and the abilities and negativities carefully weighed one against the other.

The graphologist will require a resume of the business and the necessary expertise required to ensure its success, whether or not it will require support staff, and the size of the potential market for the products or services of the business. Clients come to us from throughout the UK because distance is no barrier to gaining the best handwriting analysis expertise.


Your personality profiles and detailed comparison of professional and personal skills was most helpful. We had a long discussion about where differences undoubtedly would arise and whether or not we had sufficient belief in each other to allow the most competent of us to deal with problems as and when they arose. We have decided to look for a third partner who would be in sole charge of finance and budgeting – which would eliminate most areas of discord between us. Thank you again, we shall send you the handwriting of our potentially new partner in due course.

John K & Martin S, Cheltenham