Career Guidance

The Challenge

This is perhaps one of the greatest challenges for the handwriting analyst – there are so many different reasons for people to want a change in their working lives and professions.

Take, for example, the professional business man or woman who, after many years practising in the career they chose, feels that they have lost the enthusiasm and desire for getting up in the morning and conforming to the expectations of colleagues, associates and clients – who, at the end of the day use them just as a convenient commodity.

These people are looking for stimulus and fulfillment – money does not now play such an important role in their considerations.  So care has to be taken when undertaking career changing guidance handwriting analysis that the graphologist carefully assesses their motivation for change and their strengths and their weaknesses, before giving them pointers as to the type of work and position they are best suited for.  It is always important for the analyst to remember they do not make a single suggestion but point out the options. The Client is an adult and therefore must take responsibility for their final choice of job.

Others who need career guidance may be the man or woman who has been made redundant.  These people are often disillusioned, angry, worried and even downright scared about what the future may or may not hold for them.

Life is very scary when suddenly you have no income and the future looks bleak for you and your family – so the graphologist has to carefully prepare a Personality Profile of the writer as they are when in a normal living and working situation – they then have to add to the Profile the person as they are, at the moment of writing – with all their complex emotions and loss of belief and confidence in themselves and the world at large.

Again, suggested careers should bear in mind the writer’s situation, whether they have a family to maintain or are at a stage in their lives when they can afford to relax a little and take on projects and work that they find stimulating and rewarding – rather than be big in merely financial gain.

Career guidance handwriting analysis is also useful for graduates – students who have studied a specific area of interest and expertise to gain their degree or primary qualifications.  Usually there are many different spheres in which that  knowledge and expertise gained can be used and not just the obvious and straightforward choices.  University is as much about learning about life and living independently as study to fit into the narrow confines of the degree earned by hard work and commitment.

Here again, the personality profile gives away very many clues as to the various capabilities of the graduate/student.  It is already known that they are capable of retaining knowledge and have the commitment required to learn and develop their skills. They are young and hopefully adventurous.  They have set their goals and therefore know what they wish to attain – all they need is the confidence to believe in themselves and to make an initial choice as to utilise the knowledge and experience gained through study and university or college life by looking at the very many options they have to move on into a productive and fulfilling future.  This is perhaps the most complex and difficult career guidance undertaking for a graphologist and therefore only the most experienced and professional graphologist should be chosen to do this work.


‘Thank you for your insight and helpfulness in assisting me in making the right choice when deciding which University and Degree would be most helpful when applying for a position at the Foreign Office.   It is 4 years since I came to you and I have just landed the position I had hoped for in the FO from which I will endeavour to build my career and eventually succeed in becoming an Ambassador.’

Dominic Y. -  Edinburgh


Where possible we like to help those who are in most need.  Therefore our fees for students/graduates, and those private individuals who have been made redundant, are at preferential rates.

Student/Graduate first career £125 – £250
Career change / counselling £650 (outplacement advisers/private clients)
Redundancy – private clients £475