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Handwriting Analysis for Recruitment & Career

Handwriting analysis for recruitment

The Challenge

When recruiting, your Organisation is looking for the most suitable candidate to fill a specific position. You carefully prepare a job specification and either contact a firm of career consultants to search and find a shortlist of suitable candidates, or place an advertisement in the national and/or local newspapers.   Then the responsible person within your organisation will review the applications, arrange interviews and produce a shortlist – after which, in all probability, a long selection process will take place.

The people who work for you are your most valuable asset – so your recruitment programme and candidate assessment needs to be the most comprehensive available. It can also be one of your most expensive, exacting, and time-consuming tasks.  Picking the right person for the job is not easy, and it is not just the individual being recruited and their abilities that have to be considered – to achieve a successful placement, key factors have always to be borne in mind.  Here are the most important:

  • Personality / presence
  • Ability to develop and grow
  • Ability to work with colleagues and associates productively
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Communication and listening skills

All the above are as important, if not more so, than qualifications and experience. Whilst these are useful, and in some cases, necessary, they do not really indicate an individual’s true worth to your organisation.

Interviews are a minefield – it often comes down to who gives the best ‘performance’ on the day. Very rarely do you meet with the ‘real’ person. Not everyone reacts to the pressure of finding that all-important job positively, although, when faced with a crisis within the workplace, will prove to be strong, capable and unflappable.

Testimonials – unless you are very clever at reading between the lines, it’s not easy interpreting the true message behind the flowery words.  It’s sometimes wise to accept that the somewhat sparse and bland few lines may not actually portray a true picture of the candidate when in a previous placement.

Psychometric tests – they have their uses – and when properly used can elicit valuable information, but the astute and clever candidate will have done their homework and have a very good idea of what the Organisation is actually looking for. Candidates can often get carried away and their responses are very much a subconsciously inflated idea of who they are and their capabilities.

Graphology – Graphology is a totally objective tool – the graphologist does not know or meet with the candidate so appearance and conduct has no influence on the Personality and Ability Profile produced from a precise and detailed examination of their handwriting. It is preferable that the handwritten sample is perhaps a few weeks or even up to a year old – and not written especially for the purpose. However, no matter where, or under what circumstances the handwriting sample is prepared, the accuracy and detail of the final Profile will not be compromised. You cannot ‘act out’ a whole A4 page of handwriting.

When you employ me (a professional graphologist), if invited to do so, I will visit your company and discuss the position that you are seeking to fill.  It would also be helpful for you to provide me with a carefully prepared job specification which will act as a prompt to me when compiling the Personality Profile so that it covers, in detail, the areas of most importance and concern.  Therefore, key candidates will have the competence to meet the specific requirements of leadership, proficiency and the culture together with the goals of your company.

Handwriting analysis can also be used as an aid when promoting staff internally or relocating – giving a sound insight into the individual’s ability to accept change, family and professional upheaval, together with different challenges and responsibilities with equanimity.

The Personality and Ability Profiles can be designed to meet your requirements in detail and graphology will prove to be a very beneficial, time and cost-effective tool within the recruitment process of your organisation.


Thank you for your insight and helpfulness in assisting me in making the right choice when deciding which University and Degree would be most helpful when applying for a position at the Foreign Office. It is 4 years since I came to you and I have just landed the position I had hoped for in the FO from which I will endeavour to build my career and eventually succeed in becoming an Ambassador.

Dominic Y. – Edinburgh

Your personality profiles and detailed comparison of professional and personal skills was most helpful. We had a long discussion about where differences undoubtedly would arise and whether or not we had sufficient belief in each other to allow the most competent of us to deal with problems as and when they arose. We have decided to look for a third partner who would be in sole charge of finance and budgeting – which would eliminate most areas of discord between us. Thank you again, we shall send you the handwriting of our potentially new partner in due course.

John K & Martin S, Cheltenham

The Process

To build up a complete and accurate personality profile it is essential that the writer’s original handwriting is put forward for examination. Clients come to us from throughout the UK because distance is no barrier to gaining the best handwriting analysis expertise.

Firstly, I examine the completed A4 sheet of handwriting as a ‘picture’ and evaluate its form. This is, in effect, the utilisation of the space – or as my tutor used to put it – consider the blank piece of paper a world without life.  As soon as the pen touches the paper life begins, grows and develops. It is the development of the handwriting, not the content, that illustrates the true character of the writer. From there on the profile of the writer is defined by every line, curve and dot contained within the written word.

  • careful measurements are then made of all aspects of the handwriting – the overall size; the differential in size between the three zones of the handwriting [upper, middle and lower]. Each must be carefully observed and any deviation from the copybook taught must be evaluated
  • the aesthetic quality of the handwriting assessed now that it has been ‘personalised’ and made unique to the writer – no other writer will adapt their handwriting in exactly the same way
  • measurement of the space between both the individual letters within a word and also the way the words are separated one from the other
  • most writers use a form of connection between letters when building up a word, but it is unusual for every letter to be uniformly connected one to the other. Indeed, some letters will be allowed to stand alone often for aesthetic reasons, but mainly because the form of connection that can be used does not flow easily one letter to another
  • consideration must be given as to why abbreviations in letter form are an integral part of the handwriting. i.e., why the endings of certain words end in a wavy line the actual letter forms being totally indistinguishable
  • Crossings out, smudges, omitted letters, dotting on or around a letter or word together with ambiguity in the shape and form of letters and words have to be carefully considered and play an integral part in ascertaining the actual character of the writer

Fees are as follows:

£450 for staff and junior management
£575 for middle management
£1,250 for senior management – CEOs

Some questions answered

When using my services please do make sure candidates aware of the fact that you are using the services of a Handwriting Analyst as part of your selection process. This helps avoid any controversy with unsuccessful candidates.

My services are available both in the UK and worldwide.  Time and distance is no barrier and whilst original samples of handwriting are preferable, documents can be scanned and sent via email which generally only diminishes accuracy by approximately 5%.

If you have any questions at all then please do contact me and I will be happy to answer your questions without any obligation to use my services.