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Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling in 10 seconds

Whether for yourself or someone else, you may want a personality profile for many reasons, including:

  • Self-knowledge/understanding.
  • Understanding relationships with other people.
  • Why certain life decisions are taken.
  • Career challenges.

The Challenge

When asked to provide a Personality Profile for either a private individual or an organisation the main requirement is to build-up an accurate picture of the writer as an individual and unique personality.

To build up a complete and accurate profile requires a considerable degree of patience and time. The process is a detailed examination of the handwriting, but first I would need to be given some very basic information about the writer such as their nationality, where they were first taught to read and write and whether they had a physical disability such as poor eyesight or a damaged hand or arm.

Should the writer come from a country where it is difficult to tell by their first name their gender – this is also information that is helpful, especially when writing up the profile – for obvious reasons.

The Solution

The minimum amount of handwriting required is an unruled A4 sheet of writing together with the signature of the writer. The writing instrument that they use is important and for preference it should be a biro type pen or, in a perfect world, a fountain pen. This is because the degree of pressure used on the writing instrument is most important, as is the thickness of the actual written stroke.

The completed Profile will encompass every facet of the writer’s character – from the influences of their childhood and how they affected their overall development and abilities to how they react to people, work and difficulties within their life and those with whom they are in daily contact.


A young lady was seeking to ensure that the gentleman in her life was who he said he was.  She had had one or two disastrous relationships and did not wish to repeat the performance.

A man who had led his friend a ‘merry dance’ one way or another – he was dishonest and had a violent temper and they wanted to know if they could help him or walk away.

A family who on the face of it appeared to be well adjusted and was certainly well respected. However, the eldest brother – who had led an exciting and varied life for many years – making his money and building a reputation as a thoroughly decent chap – was facing open hostility from his younger siblings and their families.  He was beginning to doubt himself and wanted to know if, after all, he had brought this antagonism from the larger family upon himself.


‘I hope these flowers will express my gratitude to you for your brilliant profile of ‘X’ -You couldn’t have described him better if you had known him. You will be pleased to know that he is no longer a part of my life and I am happier and more at peace with myself since he left’

Carolyn – Stamford

‘Thank you for confirming all my worst fears – I bit the bullet and ‘J’ is now in residence at HM pleasure’.

Michael – York

‘Your profiles of me and the various members of my family were absolutely eye-wateringly accurate. My days of going at things like a ‘bull in a china shop’ as you rightly say are now well and truly over. My wife is most suspicious about our relationship …… she says only she should know me that well! I am now going to enjoy my old age and let the bickering and jealousies go over my head and only get involved when supporting my son who is making changes within the family business.’

‘Henry’ – Ludlow

The Process

To build up a complete and accurate personality profile it is essential that the writer’s original handwriting is put forward for examination. Clients come to us from throughout the UK because distance is no barrier to gaining the best handwriting analysis expertise.

Firstly I ‘picture’ the completed sheet of A4 handwriting – in effect, the utilisation of the space – or as my tutor used to put it – consider the blank piece of paper a world without life.  As soon as the pen touches the paper life begins, grows and develops. It is the development of the handwriting, not the content, that illustrates the true character of the writer.  From there on the profile of the writer is defined by every line, curve and dot contained within the written word.

  • careful measurements are then made of all aspects of the handwriting – the overall size; the differential in size between the three zones of the handwriting [upper, middle and lower]. Each must be carefully observed and any deviation from the copybook taught must be evaluated
  • the aesthetic quality of the handwriting assessed now that it has been ‘personalised’ and made unique to the writer – no other writer will adapt their handwriting in exactly the same way
  • measurement of the space between both the individual letters within a word and also the way the words are separated one from the other
  • most writers use a form of connection between letters when building up a word, but it is unusual for every letter to be uniformly connected one to the other. Indeed, some letters will be allowed to stand alone often for aesthetic reasons, but mainly because the form of connection that can be used does not flow easily one letter to another
  • consideration must be given as to why abbreviations in letter form are an integral part of the handwriting. i.e., why the endings of certain words end in a wavy line the actual letter forms being totally undistinguishable
  • Crossings out, smudges, omitted letters, dotting on or around a letter or word together with ambiguity in the shape and form of letters and words have to be carefully considered and play an integral part in ascertaining the actual character of the writer


There is a small differential in the scale of fees for Personality Profiles due to the requirement of the client.

  • Young adults seeking to ‘know’ themselves better £ 150
  • Adults £ 360

Any questions?

If you wish to learn more about the process, or understand why it is helpful tool in bringing about self-awareness and understanding, I do hope you will contact me and I shall be happy to talk to you.

You can write to me, enclosing samples of your handwriting or that of a family member, friend or colleague.  Please, however, do remember to ask their permission before commissioning the Personality Profile, unless, of course there is a very good reason not to.  Documents can be sent to me from anywhere throughout the UK and abroad – distance is no object.

There may be occasions when you would like to discuss the completed Personality Profile with me – and I shall be happy so to do.

Please do contact me with any questions you may have, there is no obligation to use my services, and I will be happy to advise you.