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Personal Handwriting Analysis

Personal handwriting analysisPeople are very keen to find out about themselves or those close to them and graphology (handwriting analysis) is the ideal way to gain important insights.

Graphology is perceived as being a mysterious art and people are naturally sceptical, assuming that the graphologist will just produce analysis that is what the recipient wants to hear.  Nothing could be further from the truth and a typical analysis covers both the positives and negatives of the person being analysed.

Most of our personal clients are interested in a personality profile of either themselves or someone close to them, alive or dead (yes, we have done work based on people who are deceased).  Some of our clients require a more in-depth analysis that focuses on psychological profiling, and we have an increasing number of requests to analyse the handwriting of children, often from concerned parents who feel their children may need more guidance in life and just want to understand them a bit more. Clients come to us from throughout the UK because distance is no barrier to gaining the best handwriting analysis expertise.

One of the team who put together this website went through his own handwriting being analysed prior to starting work on the website and he was amazed at what was uncovered.   In his own words, “I’ve seen stage shows with artists that apparently magic up facts about people they’re focusing on, and I’ve always wondered how they do that.  However, with this there’s no doubt – you hardly know me and certainly couldn’t have known about much of the detail you included in the analysis – fascinating!”.