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[This man had been through a tortuous time in court and the handwriting analysis contributed towards the charges being dismissed in January 2012]

"Thank you so much, your opinion was accepted in court and the case dismissed. Now the children can have Christmas and Birthdays again! My wife and I are so relieved and happy that we can now relax and enjoy our family again."

T.B. Sittingbourne, Kent

I just wanted to thank you for attempting the difficult task of deciphering my late father’s handwriting. I appreciate that it was very tricky. I did however give the copies and your report to my mum last weekend and she was very touched by your comments and findings.

You really did manage to capture the essence and spirit of my dad and many of your observations were incredibly true.

Once again thank you.

KB, Surrey

The issue will be out on 1st February. I will make sure we send you a copy. Don't worry - you haven't trampled on too many egos, at all. The results are fascinating - and you've certainly picked up on the character traits of the rock stars in question.

Mark Blake
Journalist on behalf of Q Magazine

I remember the October Event - and was so impressed with your work and would ask you whether you would consider coming to Skibo Castle for two days in May for a Spa Week in May.

Andrea Meier
Skibo Castle

Thanks so much.

Amazing! I am very impressed. You tell everything that is underneath of my heart….Something that I never let it expose to or be faithful to myself. I am sure this report is most helpful to me. It facilitates changes that I am looking forward to.


Arne Larsson, Swedish shipping magnate and author. In his autobiography an extract of my analysis of his handwriting is included as a Postcript and the reviewers comment:

"The British Graphologist, Margaret White, described Arne Larsson as a man of very complex character. A tough business mind with very high ideals and principles. He inspires such excellence in those he works closely with, engendering both loyalty and affection in those around him.

Margaret White had never met the shipbroker, the businessman or the author Arne Larsson. But one thing stands clear: he could not have been described in a better way..."

Arne Larsson
Swedish Shipping Magnate

'As usual, the report is extremely thorough and very revealing. Many of the characteristics stated in your report are apparent in him at present'.

Stephen Madge
Crestline Publicity Ltd

'I have to admit, I was quite amazed at the contents, you could not have been more accurate, unless you knew him. I could not believe how much detail you were able to obtain from someones handwriting.'

Sue Lawson

'I would like to thank you for your super input to the interviewing course last week - we were fascinated by your talk and the way you presented it'.

The Work Foundation Communication Skills Centre

'your talk was exactly what we wanted - well done'

Cartier Ltd

'I wish to say thank you very much indeed for your splendid presentation to the Section. It was much appreciated and has been much commented upon by those who were there'.

J W Bigg
British Dental Association

'A brief note to thank you for the Seminar last week, which I found most interesting and highly enjoyable'.

A A Hall
Rea Brothers (Guernsey) Ltd

'Your assessment of 'the Forger' is remarkably correct considering that you do not know him, or his dealings with us'.

Rowland Darvill
Belvedere Language School

'Very many thanks for your letter and assessment - it was uncannily 'spot-on' which means I'm sold!'

Seminar for Blue Chip Companies, Calcot Manor

'A chillingly accurate report'

Hetty Pye
Russell Reynolds

'Many, many thanks for your reports. As always, you are spot on. I think Joyce is pleasantly surprised by your accuracy and intrigued by your insight! I am sure they are going to help us both'.


'I found your analysis of my son's handwriting so helpful in the initial stages of getting to know him last year. It guided me round all sorts of potholes and gave me an uncanny insight into his character'.

Anne Symington

'Thank you very much for your report on xxxx which is extremely enlightening and from which he emerges with a good overall appraisal, we will be in touch with you again as the need arises'

Russell Reynolds

'I was very impressed by the summary you prepared of my colleague xxxxx. Some of your thought are remarkably 'uncanny' and too close to the truth'.

Thomas Power - CEO

'I am very impressed by your analysis of the handwriting specimens sent to you. It has been most helpful.'

Alan Rosser
IMC Management Consultants