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Handwriting analysis testimonials – rare but rewarding

by admin on July 9, 2011

Noting the nature of handwriting analysis often being either very ‘personal’ or ‘legal’, there isn’t often the opportunity to gain testimonials from people because confidentiality is of paramount importance.  However, when I do get them they are rare but rewarding, reinforcing in my own mind the value of what I, and other graphologists do.

The letter below was recently received from someone who I’d known for sometime, who was a sceptic, but through the power of handwriting analysis, completely changed their viewpoint.  I’ll let their words tell the story …

My Personality Profile – amazed and grateful  [I think] !

It was part scepticism and part curiosity that drove me to write to Graphocentric in my own fair hand – asking them to do a ‘no holds barred’ personality profile from just a few lines of handwriting.

I had read many comments from all over the world from eminent psychologists to highfaluting business men and women – none of whom seemed to be in agreement with the other about the ability to define in detail a person’s character from their handwriting.    However, having met Margaret White of Graphocentric on a few occasions over the years – and teased her mercilessly about her ‘ability’ to define the most intimate characteristics of a writer’s personality and accurately assessing their integrity and professional competency from ‘looking at their handwriting’ ; I decided to confirm my suspicions that the end result would be a very limited  understanding  if any, from the impression she gained on those occasions.

If I had to eat crow pie once a week for the rest of my life – it would not be an unreasonable  forfeit to pay for my ignorance and unkind scepticism and humour toward both Margaret and her profession.

Two weeks after I had given Margaret a signed A4 sheet of my handwriting a large envelope dropped through the letter box.  It contained my Personality Profile – no it did more than that – it summed up my character in all its gory detail.   Nothing was overlooked or glossed over, even my own mother was amazed at the content – only she thought she should know me that well – and was more than a little put out that someone else knew exactly where my weaknesses lay or in where my very personal loyalties and commitment toward other people, places and situations lie.

Margaret does not pull her punches, but neither does she lose her objectivity, thereby providing a concise and accurate Personality Profile which, although not necessarily easy reading, is a very helpful and useful tool by which to measure your worth and develop a better understanding not only of yourself, but those around you.   All in all I could not fault the accuracy and objectiveness of her assessment of me.   There is no way that anyone could see through me so thoroughly – just on such brief acquaintance at social or public gatherings in the City.

AKS  -  Chelsea, London.


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