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Spring cleaning for your life

by admin on March 24, 2012

It is a time of new beginnings – not only does Springtime encourage people to review the possibilities of moving house;  redecorating a room;  arranging a holiday but also the re-arrangement of their personal and/or professional lives.

It is when making momentous changes in our lives that we need to know and understand not only our motives for so doing, but also the effect it will have on those who live and work with us.    An efficient and painless way of doing this is to seek the help of a graphologist.  Why?   The accuracy they achieve in assessing your personality, emotions and capabilities at this time in your life is second to none and the cost in time and money negligible.

A full and detailed Character Profile highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, empowers you, the writer, to make decisions that would otherwise, in all probability, be shelved.     It will, after careful thought, give you the confidence and self-belief to make the changes you have been fearful of making and the courage to take risks and to develop new interests and even a new career – knowing that you have the capabilities and are prepared to take responsibility for your own fulfilment and that of your immediate family.

Companies are also beginning to look to the future, instead of standing still and hoping that their difficulties will ‘go away’ or Governments’ will ‘take the responsibility’ for improving opportunities to develop and grow.     At long last, most employers and employees are realising that the only way out of a recession and bleak time, is to WORK their way into prosperity and invest in their own future.   If they don’t, nobody else at the end of the day will.

So, whether you are a company owner/director; a self-employed businessman/woman or a student, it is time to know yourself and your capabilities well and take an objective view of who and what you are or want to be.    Your handwriting will give you the answers you need and you only have to send an A4 sheet of your handwriting freestyle together with a full signature (it will only take you less than half an hour) to Margaret White at Graphocentric.   By paying a small fee you receive back, within ten days, a full and detailed assessment of your character, capabilities, professional and personal strengths and weaknesses.  The results will be amazing and your confidence and determination will receive a considerable boost and a determination to build a new and structured future.

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