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About Graphology

by admin on May 6, 2010

The misnomer – handwriting – should be read as ‘brain writing’ – for without the retention (memory) or knowledge, actions, abilities learned and experience gained throughout a lifetime, combined with the control of the nervous system and musculature by the brain – the hand would not, and could not, write !

The Science of Graphology

Therefore the science of graphology is the determination from handwriting of the character of the writer. There are very many considerations to be taken into account when assessing the make-up of the character from handwriting. The clarity or otherwise of the handwritten page – illustrates how the writer adapts to time, people, space and their environment. The gradual adaptation by the writer of the copybook learned in childhood to their written word today – each one the result of the influence of a person they have met; a book they have read; music they have heard; places where they have lived and worked; the enjoyment and hurt they have experienced every hour, every day.

The rhythm of writing

The pressure exerted on the writing instrument by the writer and the thickness of the stroke indicates the control they have, or wish to have, over both their life and the lives of others. The rhythm of the writing gives an indication of the life-source of the writer – their gaiety or sobriety – their capacity to love or hate – their ability to work and play, indeed it truly exhibits their raison d’etre for life and living.

Specific personality traits

The adaptation of the form of words and letters indicate specific personality traits – no-one writes in exactly the same way as another. The above are, perhaps, the most clearly observable illustrations of the complexities of the unique characteristics to the writer. There are at least 327 measured indicators in handwriting that have to be carefully considered and weighed, one against the other, before an accurate, true and objective assessment of character can be achieved. There are no shortcuts, there are no assumptions to be made, 2 + 1.995 people cannot equal 4 people – people are too complex for that!

Professional graphology is a highly detailed field of expertise and following the simple process of supply samples of writing, the graphology professional creates a highly detailed analysis about that person which always results in amazement at how much handwriting says about that individual.

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