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Over the years I have been asked to analyse the handwriting of famous historical people and also family members who have been traced whilst researching the family tree. It is not sufficient just to know that great grandpa was a ‘hatter’ or great grandma an ‘actress’ and therefore no-one in the family really spoke about her!

If you have the writing of a late relative, friend or famous person and would like to learn more about them, no matter how small the sample of handwriting, an enormous amount of information can be gained from it. Why they were successful or otherwise in their life will become apparent, and an indication of the way they developed their personal and family life. Not only will you find this interesting, it may begin to help you understand the familial influences that still are part of your own life today.

I was commissioned by a biographer of Sir William Kirkcaldy 1520 – 1573 who in the history books has been branded a ‘murderer and traitor’. However, history books are written by individuals applying the morals of today and rarely, if ever, take into account the way people lived and survived in medieval times or other times.

Here is a brief excerpt from the personality profile :

‘a most colourful character; educated in Paris by French and Spanish tutors; married with four daughters; a brilliant swordsman and musician. He was a kind and gentle husband and father who unusually for those days adored his wife and daughters, protecting them and remaining totally loyal and faithful to them throughout his exciting and turbulent life.’ [ or Google : Sir William Kirkcaldy].

[All original documents sent to me for analysis will be most carefully looked after and returned to you via ‘Special Delivery’ or Courier].

Testimonials :

Arne Larsson – Larsson Shipping – Stockholm & London

David ? Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeen.