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Handwriting Analysis Prices

Graphology is an exact science that can assist you in understanding the character and abilities of the writer, one in which demands a high amount of concentration, accuracy and skill. The process of handwriting analysis and documents is one that takes time, but gives fascinating results, and can be implemented in so many ways.

Here is a list of the pricings for the types of analysis Graphocentric offers:

Handwriting Analysis for the Legal Sector

All legal document analyses are undertaken for a set fee of £100 per hour. We are able to provide an estimate of time required for the completion of the analysis and preparation of a written ‘opinion’ and ‘justification’ so long as sufficient, detailed information is available. If at any stage it is believed that the original time scale becomes unrealistic, I will notify you of any deviation from the original costings quoted.

Recruitment and Career

£450 for staff and junior management
£575 for middle management
£1,250 for senior management – CEOs

Career Guidance

- Student/Graduate first career £125 – £250

- Career change / counselling £650 outplacement advisers/private clients) – Redundancy – private clients £475

Recruitment Candidate Profiling

- Executive Recruitment – from £850 to £1,250

- Middle Management Recruitment – £575

- General Recruitment – £450

Training and Presentations

Teaching is done in small groups or individually and can be made to fit in with the pupil’s lifestyle. The year is broken into 3 terms of 10 weeks. The Fees for a year are £760 – exclusive of books – these can be broken down into three trenches to be paid on or before the first lesson.

Personal Handwriting Analysis

Behavioural Problems:

Fees for preparing psychological analysis are as follows:

  • From £250 to £400 for profiling
  • £75 per hour for counselling

Child Guidance:

Children and young adults with behaviour problems £250 – £450
[follow up parent/guardian counselling £65 per hour]

Personality Profiling

There is a small differential in the scale of fees for Personality Profiles due to the requirement of the client.

  • Young adults seeking to ‘know’ themselves better £ 150
  • Adults £ 360

If you have any questions about how graphology may be able to help you, or would like to know anything further about my expertise then please do contact me – I’ll be happy to advise you without obligation to use my services.