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Benefits of Graphology

handwriting analysisGraphology is truly the only totally objective way of assessing a person’s character and can be applied from birth through to later life. 

‘Making our mark’ begins from the first time we use our hands to express emotion. Observe a tiny newborn child – it clenches and opens its hands, and these movements indicate the babies ‘emotions or reactions’ to the environment at that particular moment in time.    They soon grasp tightly the proffered finger and find comfort in the touch and feel of another human. So character is beginning to be formed from physical contact as well as the influence of the voices and noises surrounding them.  

So how is this connected to handwriting? Remember the child’s upturned bowl of cereal – how it then begins to feel and enjoy the sensation of moving their hands and instinctively drawing patterns if the squiggly mess. And so character begins to demonstrate itself in the shapes that they spontaneously enjoy making. Here is, perhaps, your first graphology lesson:

What do the shapes indicate that the child apparently randomly produces?

Soft, circular movements indicate a calm, contented child that feels secure in its environment.

Harsh angular strokes indicate a child who is excited, agitated, frustrated and possible feeling most insecure.

A good mix of circular and angular movements indicates a child who is curious and investigative -  confident enough in their environment to explore the boundaries of their little world.

Horizontal and vertical lines passing through the more usual movements found in an infants shapes indicate that the child is attempting to control their movement or that they are trying to express either fear or frustration at the reaction their upturned bowl of porridge has upon the parents.

These are, of course, very basic reactions to exploring their immediate environment. As a child grows and develops – their use of making marks to express themselves and their understanding becomes gradually more pronounced. The most difficult art anyone of us has been asked to master is ‘handwriting’. It entails control of the neuro-musculature, the writing implement, and the memory of what specific shapes and signs mean and how to combine them to relay a message or information formally and without recourse to physical contact.

Moving from childhood to adulthood, our characters continue into our handwriting, which is one big reason that organisations should consider the benefits of graphology …

Why should an organisation use Graphology?

Graphology can provide you with an accurate and totally objective Personality Profile and Detailed of Assessment of a prospective employee or business partner – for a nominal fee and time-efficient service. All that is required from you, as an employer, is a copy of your detailed job spec., or a person to person briefing as to what you are looking for in a candidate together with a sample of the candidate’s handwriting.  

This should be written using a ballpoint or fountain pen on a plain sheet of A4 paper and the subject matter should be of the candidate’s own choice, but not copied from a book or newspaper – and run to at least 7 – 8 lines. A signature should be appended to the document. The original sample of handwriting should then be passed to Graphocentric for analysis. 

Within 14 working days, a full Personality Profile and detailed assessment of their professional abilities and integrity will then be completed and returned to you.   

Verbal assessments are not provided, as they can so easily lead to misinterpretation and/or misuse.