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About Graphocentric

Margaret White originally studied and worked with Francis Timberly Hilliger the United Kingdom’s foremost graphologist at that time before practising in her own right as a Graphologist in London in 1985. She was part of a small team of people who supported Hilliger in attaining his aspiration to have the first recognised organisation teaching and promoting graphology in this country – The British Institute of Graphologists, inaugurated 1983.  Margaret served as the Institute’s PR and Meetings Organiser for 12 years.

Margaret’s experience covers working as a Consultant Graphologist to commerce and industry – and has worked for such companies as Rolls Royce, Societe Generale/ETS, Apax Partners, Cartier, IDDAS, Monte Blanc, Russell Reynolds et al.  She also has clients in the USA, South Africa, New Zealand, and Iraq.

She is a regular contributor on graphology to magazines and newspapers; has spoken on handwriting topics with BBC1 – Breakfast News, BSkyB News, local radio stations, Christchurch University Kent, Businesses and Legal Services throughout the UK.

Prior to 1985 Margaret had considerable experience working in industry and commerce. Her very first position was at Rothamsted Experimental Station where after 18 months she was promoted to assistant private secretary to the Director. Following this she worked in the diverse fields of aircraft engineering; pharmaceuticals; accountancy; medicine and her final position was with the London Docklands Development Corporation as a member of two steering committees – The Docklands Light Railway and Community Liaison.

Graphocentric provides a confidential service to Professional Organisations, Commerce and Industry and increasingly to the the private individual.  We are happy to answer any questions and offer advice when and wherever possible.