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A Worldwide Service

Graphocentric has, for the past thirty years provided a first class service for Clients nationally and internationally.  However, we’re aware that there are misconceptions about the importance of where a graphologist is located and thought it would be useful to clear that up.

To use an analogy, if you lived in Manchester and needed a specialist surgeon to perform a particular operation on your body then you would have choices:

  1. Use a surgeon located in or around Manchester.
  2. Use a surgeon from further away (e.g. London).
  3. Use a surgeon from another country.

Let’s say that there are surgeons in Manchester – it would be more convenient for you but you’re aware that they’re not the best surgeons.   You know that there are better surgeons in London and as it’s your body, you’re likely to be more keen to use the better surgeons.   If your operation is particularly tricky then you may decide that a world-renowned surgeon is going to be the best one for you and so you want them, regardless of which country they are based in.

Handwriting analysis is clearly not as critical as choosing the right surgeon but it does have a human angle.  In most cases, the accuracy of handwriting analysis is what makes the difference between success or failure (particularly in a court case scenario), which, if the handwriting analysis has been poor, has a human knock-on effect to the person who feels as if justice hasn’t been done.
We’re aware that there are an increasing number of handwriting analysts available nowadays but there really is no substitute for expertise gained over a long period of time.   Like the surgeon example, to get the best, you often have to fish outside of the pond in your back garden.   The good news is that the nature of handwriting analysis means that your ‘expert’ can be located anywhere in the world and do their work (unlike the surgeon who has to be there in person).

Instructions received by us come from Greenland to New Zealand and all stops inbetween, with the majority of our work coming from all over the UK.  It comes in by post,  email and courier.     Whilst we are always delighted to visit your premises in the UK – or for you to come to our offices in Sandwich, Kent – there is little need to meet with us personally.

Personality Profiles, Examination of Questioned Documents and/or signatures, and Career Guidance, are our bread and butter.     We offer a totally confidential service and can usually guarantee that you will receive the completed Profile, or Professional Opinion and Justification you have requested within 10 working days from receipt of the documents.

Whilst it is always better for the Graphologist to work from original documents, this is not always possible and therefore photocopied or scanned documents are accepted and worked upon, and the end result is just as accurate in the majority of cases.    Should there be any doubt in the Graphologists mind as to the authenticity of the documents provided, you will be contacted and further examples of the handwriting requested before the task is undertaken.

Our long experience and excellent reputation in both Personality Profiling and the Examination of Question Documents enables us to give you a first class service for a reasonable fee.

All samples of handwriting and documents should be sent to us, and will be returned to you, the person authorising the commission, by Special Delivery – to ensure their safety and confidentiality.

So wherever you are located, if you previously thought that it was necessary to get handwriting analysis undertaken at a local level then please do contact us and we’ll be happy to share with you information of clients that we have from far afield, and who use us for repeat work because of the exceptional quality of handwriting analysis we provide.