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About Us

Graphocentric provides a highly professional graphology service.   There are increasingly more graphologists available, of varying levels of ability, but we feel that Graphocentric offers something different, and quite essential ….. expertise.

Expertise doesn’t appear overnight  and we feel it’s important to focus your attention on making the right choice when you choose a graphologist.

Margaret White studied with the foremost graphologist at that time and was part of the creation of the British Institute of Graphologists, and continues to set and mark papers for the Institute.

There are many benefits of graphology and it can be applied for both business and personal analysis, working within a set process to produce the final analysis.  When undertaken professionally, graphology can help in so many ways – from analysing the handwriting in documents used for legal purposes, through to analysing the personality of the writer.  Indeed, it’s not uncommon to get the response from customers of “how could you have possibly known that about me purely from my handwriting?”