Analysis of questioned documents and signatures to help justice prevail.


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Personality and psychological profiling for adults and children.


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Recruitment and Career

Recruitment and career decisions enhanced through handwriting analysis.


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Training and Presentations

Graphology training and presentations from an established expert.


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Professional Handwriting Analysis – Graphology Expert

For over 25 years Graphocentric has been providing handwriting analysis for business and personal clients throughout the UK and Internationally.

The types of handwriting analysis available include questioned documents, signature analysis, personality profiling, psychological profiling, recruitment candidate assessment and forensic handwriting analysis.

All work is completed at my office in Kent, however, if not local, you can still use Graphocentric’s services. The work I do allows for me to work for clients around the UK and worldwide.

Within this website I hope to show you why it’s important to choose the right graphologist, what types of analysis can be undertaken, and answer any questions you may have.

I have worked on thousands of handwriting samples and have included just a few details about clients, as well as some testimonials.  As you’d expect, many clients wish to remain anonymous, which is respected throughout this website.

My work covers both the business and personal world and the following are types of handwriting analysis that are in most demand …

I also offer graphology presentations and graphology training to those who will carry on this fascinating field of expertise.

If you have any questions about how graphology may be able to help you, or would like to know anything further about my expertise then please do contact me – I’ll be happy to advise you without obligation to use my services.